Sculpture "Helena"
  • Sculpture "Helena"

    In Greek mythology she was the egg-born daughter of Zeus and Ledas.

    Helena was regarded as the most beautiful woman of her time. Her beauty is said to have been so great that every man who saw her wanted to own Helena. She was kidnapped at the age of twelve by Theseus and Peirithoos to Aphidnai in Attica and freed by her brothers.

    Many Greek princes courted them. Their earthly father feared the hostility of all those rejected if he preferred a suitor, and therefore, following the advice of Odysseus, had all applicants for Helena swear that they would acknowledge Helena's election.

    From the trunk of the native walnut tree she emerges in her beauty. Whether she really was blond is not known in Greek mythology.

    Thousands of hand-glued Swarovski crystals in the colours lavender and crysal-clear underline her beautiful, erotic body. LED lighting technology also gives her the practical benefit of a floor lamp that interacts perfectly with modern interior design as a contrast point.

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